Creating a Customizable Well-Being Strategy

Well-being programs are often underleveraged, as they don’t always meet employees’ needs. However, Mashreq Bank created a customizable well-being program that is flexible, adaptable and drives accountability for well-being development across the organization. 

Mission-critical priority

Ensure Mashreq Bank’s well-being strategy addressed the challenges unique to its workforce and individual employees. They designed a comprehensive well-being program which keeps the employee at the center of the initiative.  

How Gartner helped

Gartner best practices and frameworks supported the development of a customizable, best-in-class well-being strategy. Access to HR experts allowed the HR team to pressure-test their new strategy ideas and ensure they were making the right decisions. Expert-led webinars and live events allowed the HR team to hear from peers and enabled networking opportunities. 

Business impact

Gartner support led to: 

  • Improved employee engagement and well-being scores to 4.36 on a 5-point scale
  • A reduction in sick leave requests by 56% and a 17% reduction of medical claims
  • An engaged workplace culture that has been awarded the Gallup Great Workplace Award for 6 consecutive years 

Financial services

$1.4 billion

5,000 +

Director of People Development and Employee Well-Being

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for HR Leaders

It’s been a pleasure working with Gartner over the years....[Everything] that was presented in terms of what Gartner does, they do it.

Ashok Gopal

Head of People Development and Employee Well-Being, Mashreq Bank

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