Shifting to a Hybrid Model for Future Success

Security Bank Corporation

Security Bank is a mid-sized bank in the Philippines. Prior to the pandemic, it operated as a traditional bank with 100% of employees reporting on premises. With the pandemic impacting its operations, they needed to immediately pivot to a work-from-home model to keep their employees safe and post-pandemic, shift towards a hybrid workforce model.

Mission-critical priority

Shift towards a hybrid workforce model by equipping employees with the right tools and technologies, and prepare leaders for this model by upgrading their soft skills and providing quality coaching.

How Gartner helped


  • Gartner advisors provided the SVP with helpful insights on the working styles of other organizations globally, and how these organizations were successfully pivoting towards a hybrid model. 
  • Gartner's insights, articles, and surveys were critical for the HR team in preparing the pitch to the board, members and leaders, that hybrid is the new normal.


Business impact

With Gartner’s support, the SVP, HR was able to:

  • Gain fast access to information and benchmarking data, increasing the credibility of the HR team shifting to a hybrid model. 

  • Peer Connect platform helped to understand what other organizations were prioritizing going through the same challenges. 

  • Rather than hire an entire additional headcount, leveraged Gartner as an extension of their team and access subject matter experts to learn more.


$782 million


Nerissa Berba,
SVP, Head Human Capital Management Group

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for HR Leaders

We used Gartner as an extension of our own team, to map out key priorities and support areas of focus.

Nerissa Berba

SVP, Head Human Capital Management Group, Security Bank

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