Develop Leadership for Future Success

HR can prepare leadership for the future

Leadership effectiveness remains a challenge

HR has typically filled the leadership pipeline with potential successors for specific positions or roles, but that approach can’t keep up with today’s uncertainty and rapidly changing times. Leaders don’t feel confident in their ability to lead the organization into the future, and leadership roles are going to keep changing — and change significantly — as organizations continue to transform.

HR leaders told us their top leadership bench strength challenges: 45% said they struggle to develop effective midlevel leaders. 39% said their branch lacks diversity. 37% said they struggle to develop effective senior leaders. 32% said their succession-management processes don't yield the right leaders at the right time.

This program has enhanced transparency and alignment of executives on senior leader capabilities. This has also increased performance and better outcomes in new business areas and initiatives.

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HR Can Prepare Leadership for the Future

Developing the current and future leadership bench is critical to driving business growth. By deploying and supporting diverse teams of leaders with complementary skillsets, HR leaders can ensure they meet their goal of preparing to lead their organizations for the future.

Complimentary leadership incereases leaders' team's performance by up to 60%, individual performance by up to 40%, engagement by up to 48%, and skills preparedness by up to 54%

Insights you can use

Gartner’s current and future leadership research helps HR leaders identify, develop and manage current and future leaders with data-driven insights and best practices.

Improve Leadership Bench Strength

Shortcomings with the current and future leadership bench undermine the ability for organizations to grow, transform and innovate. HR needs a new “portfolio” approach to building leadership bench strength as digitalization complicates roles and succession plans.

Prepare for the Future With Complementary Leadership

HR teams struggle to anticipate and plan for future talent needs. Gartner’s “complementary leadership” model partners leaders together to share responsibilities based on complementary skill sets. Discover how adopting this approach can improve the teams’ performance by 60%.

Building Inclusive Leadership to Enable Future Success

Only 31% of leaders promote an inclusive team environment in their organization. Discover three ways HR leaders can support a sustainable culture of inclusive leadership.

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