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Pillar 2: Preparing for New Labor Market Realities

The second pillar focuses on outputs to help develop the workforce of the future.

Disruptive technologies have upended existing business operating models, are threatening jobs at unprecedented pace and scale, and are bringing whole industries into question. All of this change is creating a new social contract between employers and employees. Businesses need to be able to adapt quickly.

World-class heads of HR take an “outside-in” approach to managing the business and the function. Being proactive in identifying external trends and anticipating the impact on the business before it happens is crucial. In this pillar, CEOs and other executives come to understand the top labor market trends and apply them to attract, retain and develop talent.

Use the following two playbooks to make the work tangible.

Playbook for the Future of Work

This playbook is not designed to give chief human resources officers (CHROs) answers on what the future of work looks like but rather to equip them with the tools to help them, their CEO and their executive teams navigate a path forward, focusing on three keys areas:

  • Anticipate new business disruptions 
  • Transform work and the workforce 
  • Disrupt your HR function

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Playbook for a New Talent Deal

This playbook offers a framework that helps HR and business leaders understand the key shifts in employee expectations and what these changes mean for future human capital expectations. These shifts center around three key areas:

  • Aligning people and purpose 
  • Building careers 
  • Co-creating change

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Preparing for new labor market realities webinar

This webinar from June 20, 2018, was facilitated by the Board members who led the development of the playbooks and covers how to tackle challenges facing the future of work and evolving expectations of the workforce.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how to tackle these challenges head on.

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