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Change: Fast, frequent, complex

The average organization has undergone five enterprise changes in the past three years. Seventy-three percent of organizations expect more change initiatives in the next few years, and only a small minority expects the pace of change to decelerate. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to implement change effectively. In fact, only a third of change efforts are clear successes, 16% show mixed results, and half are clear failures.

Change takes a toll

Change leaves employees struggling to meet their work objectives. On average, employees now experience three major changes each year, compared to just 1.75 in 2012. This high-change, high-fatigue environment impacts employees’ ability to perform; change-stressed employees perform 5% worse than the average employee.

This performance decline translates to a $32.5 million cost to the bottom line per $1 billion in revenue.

We’ve changed from the traditional approach of telling the organization. What we’re doing now is much more about listening.

Torben Bundgard

Vice President Organizational Communication, Novo Nordisk A/S

Open-source change

Over 70% of companies use a top-down change management approach. However, this falters in the flatter organizational structures and complex reporting lines of modern companies. To improve the likelihood of change success, leading companies adopt an open-source approach in which leaders include employees in change-strategy decisions, employees own compensation planning, and communication focuses on talking, not telling.

Insights you can use

HR’s role in change management

Our research shows that 66% of change success factors are related to talent. HR must play a leading role in delivering successful change initiatives by focusing on a talent-centric and open-source approach.

The role of communications in change management

Most communicators try to ease the burden of frequent change by framing it as natural and positive. But communications could make a much bigger impact by connecting employees with the resources they need to sustain performance through change.

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