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Busch’s Golden Ticket Idea

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 25, 2020

Busch Beer created a new promotion that rewards fans with an outdoor adventure, if they stay inside and complete a jigsaw puzzle. 

The beer brand is running a Willy Wonka-inspired “golden ticket” giveaway, where one winner could receive a $5,000 outdoor vacation. Busch is selling a 525-piece puzzle for $30 that, when completed, features the Busch Guy mascot holding a can of Busch Light. For the promotion, a handful of special puzzles will feature him holding a golden can, which is eligible for the free vacation. Fans must upload a picture of their completed puzzle to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #BuschPuzzles and #Sweepstakes to enter the contest. For every puzzle purchased, Busch will also be donating $5 to the National Forest Foundation, with a portion going to tour guides out of work during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

By creating a custom puzzle, Busch could tap into one of the most popular at-home trends of the moment. By encouraging fans to buy and then share their completed puzzles on social media, the brand also gains a unique, out-of-home advertising opportunity. Busch has steadily focused on its digital and social advertising for the past year, so creating a promotion that includes at-home and social media marketing could help it engage with more consumers, according to a Gartner report. Busch’s grand prize for the promotion is also appealing at a time when many consumers remain nervous about traveling to crowded destinations, but also seek an escape. 

The promotion marks Busch’s third activation during the pandemic season. The brand most recently ran a Twitter contest to find fan’s faces to put on the Busch Light car in honor of Nascar’s return to live racing. Earlier in the year, Busch also held a wedding-themed contest, giving away a free “year’s worth of beer” to couples whose weddings were postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  

Busch Beer is returning with another innovative strategy to engage with fans during the pandemic. The brand’s latest promotion could help it stay top of mind with consumers, particularly as fans look to stay occupied at home, but dream of vacationing again.