Responding to Coronavirus

The CHRO's Role in Planning the Return to Workplace

As organizations prepare for the next phase of COVID-19 planning, the return to work, each organization must answer three key questions: When to return, who returns first and what the return experience will look like.

For each question, Gartner has identified several principles that should guide decision making, plus key conversations chief human resources officers (CHROs) should have to advocate for the health and safety of the workforce. 

Additional HR Resources to Help You Manage Through Uncertainty

Drive Employee Productivity and Engagement

A tactical guide for improving employee performance during times of business disruption. 

Addressing the Emotional Well-Being of the HR Team in a Crisis

In crisis situations, HR staff are not immune to disruptions. We detail the actions HR leaders should take to support their HR function through a crisis.

Increasing Rewards in Response to the Pandemic

Five changes total rewards leaders are making to support staff. 


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