While the workforce is now 3rd amongst CEOs 2024 top strategic business priorities, Gartner data shows only 9% of HR functions are functionally excellent or capable of combining high functional efficiency with strong alignment to business needs. 

HR is now expected to support areas and solutions where they are not necessarily the primary expert or deliverer. CHROs must position their functions to bring together leaders and experts from across the enterprise to solve novel problems.

Explore three ways to improve HR functional excellence - an adjustment that has proven to increase impact by 30%

Download this CHRO guide to:

  • Understand the emerging challenges HR is facing and the potential opportunities for CHROs.

  • Explore how HR can shift from an “owner and operator” mindset to become a “convener and catalyzer” that brings the right stakeholders together, orchestrates frameworks for decision-making, and inspires new ideas and ways of working.

  • Get started with actionable strategies for reprioritizing what HR focuses on, how it works with stakeholders, and who it needs to staff the function.