Gartner Expert

Andrew H Kim

Sr Principal, Research

Andrew Kim is a Senior Principal Analyst in Gartner's Quantitative Innovation team focused on data center infrastructure markets. He is responsible for research and analysis of the data center market (hyperconverged infrastructure, cloud computing, consumption-based model). He is integrated systems market research project lead, and also responsible for quarterly server/ECB storage market share and forecast.

Previous experience

In his previous position, Mr. Kim was in charge of research on print market and management. He was also responsible for South Korea's TFT-LCD market research/analysis.

Areas of coverage

Product and Services Strategy for Tech CEOs

Product/Service Design and Creation

Product/Service Evolution and Management

Go-to-Market Strategy

Technology Market Essentials


B.A., Economics, Queen's University, Canada

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Vendors: Server market share and outlook, storage market share and outlook

2Vendors: Competitive landscape

3Vendors: Integrated system market share, trends and outlook

4End users: Data center transformation and how to impact on your data center infrastructure

5End users: Emerging trends and impact on IT operation