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Michael Woodbridge

Managing Vice President

Mike Woodbridge is a Research Director within the Digital Workplace, Content and Insights group. Mr. Woodbridge has extensive knowledge of enterprise content management (ECM), enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) and collaboration technologies. He draws upon 20+ years in information technology mainly focusing on ECM technology and has worked in senior roles for two Tier 1 consultancies, advising on ECM strategy and designing, building and such operating solutions. He has a deep understanding of the practical challenges involved in the implementation of complex programs and applies this in his advice to clients, offering pragmatic guidance to complex tactical and strategic problems.

By advising on technology selection and best practices, Mr. Woodbridge helps organizations reduce operational costs and improve employee effectiveness while maintaining privacy, security and regulatory compliance as necessary.

Previous experience

Mr. Woodbridge has worked in a number of roles throughout his career encompassing application software development, business analysis, systems design, project management, and enterprise and solution architecture. This experience covered a broad range of ECM-related technologies such as web content management, case management, records management, document management and business process management for vertically diverse clients.

In his last position, he was Managing Architect and CTO for Capgemini's U.K. ECM practice. This included managing and leading teams to deliver complex solutions and strategy, but he was also responsible for offering development and technical strategy for a global ECM practice, helping bring a number of successful cloud-based offers to market, and managing relationships with key ECM vendors.

Professional background


Managing Architect and ECM CTO


Senior Solution Architect

Areas of coverage

Applications and Software Engineering Leaders

Digital Workplace Strategy


Business Information Technology, Salford University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Developing content services (e.g., ECM) and digital workplace strategies

2Preparing for migration to new solutions on-premises and in the cloud

3Content services (e.g., ECM) vendor selection decisions

4Best practices for implementing content services (e.g., ECM) related projects and programs

5Content services (e.g., ECM) vs. content collaboration platforms (e.g., EFSS)