Preparing for the Future of Work

An APAC energy company needed to prepare its function for the future of work due to its growing internal capabilities. With Gartner support, the Head of Organization and Capability Development was able to decipher the complexity and grow internal efficiencies to enable an agile and flexible workforce and workplace.

Mission-critical priority

The energy company is moving through its five-year strategy, currently focusing on growing the organization. The client’s challenge was to prepare for the future of work with growing capabilities in three areas, keeping in mind how these areas might be affected by macro or industry-related change.

How Gartner helped

By utilizing Gartner’s forward-thinking research and global peer networks, the client was able to create capability and employee engagement initiatives to support the continued growth of the organization — immediately and into the future. 

Gartner also helped the client improve its graduate program and worked with management to close the gaps in the organization's capability plans.

Business impact

With Gartner support, the Head of Organization and Capability:

  • Influenced the business case for change
  • Increased employee support by offering more diversity and employment initiatives
  • Saved hiring an additional L&D resource, and instead leveraged Gartner's expertise
  • Achieved industry recognition through receiving the 2020 Gender Diversity Award (which would not have been awarded without Gartner support)

Oil and Energy

$3 billion


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When I figured the value and depth of expertise that Gartner provides, I tapped into them for everything.

Head of Organization and Capability Development, APAC Energy Company

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