Redesign Your Recruiting Strategy

Build tomorrow's workforce by hiring quality talent

Recruiting strategies are becoming outdated

Today’s current environment of economic instability has impacted recruiting in numerous ways, and as a result, recruiting leaders are struggling to keep up with hiring quality talent. Evolving skill needs are among the large-scale shifts currently underway in the workplace and labor market, and traditional recruiting strategies can’t keep up.

Only 16% of new hires possess all the skills they need to be prepared for both their current role and the future.

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    The pace of change in our organization continues to accelerate, and being able to respond to that is difficult. The business is changing its model, which will drive recruiting volume as it replaces skills, changes job designs and responds to market pressures.

    Head of Recruitment, Professional Services

    Recruiting leaders must redesign the strategy

    Hiring quality talent today requires recruiting leaders to shift their strategies from replacing to shaping the workforce by defining needs based on skills, sourcing talent more broadly and creating responsive employment value propositions (EVP). Recruiting functions that excel in this see a 24% increase in the quality of hires.

    3 keys shifts in recruiting strategy, define talent needs by prioritizing skills, uncover the total skills market, create responsive EVPs.

    Recruiting strategy insights you can use

    Gartner research helps recruiting and HR leaders navigate this volatility and adapt recruiting strategies to acquire high-quality talent.

    Redesign Recruiting Strategies to Hire Quality Talent

    To get highly skilled quality talent in the door, HR and recruiting leaders need a new talent acquisition strategy. Discover three ways your recruiting strategies must change to hire quality talent.

    Advancing Recruiting’s Value Through Uncertain Times

    The world in which we recruit has experienced macroshifts that challenge the fundamental assumptions our traditional recruiting methods are based on. Learn how recruiting leaders can effectively shape the workforce to meet changing business needs.

    Identify Evolving & Developing Skill Needs

    7 in 10 board directors have told Gartner that the pandemic has forced them to accelerate their digital business initiatives, regardless of industry. Learn how to accelerate HR’s role in digitalization.

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