The line between appropriate and inappropriate uses of employee data blurs as technology increases the ways data can be collected and used. 

To keep employee trust, CHROs and HR leadership teams must become employee data ethics champions, working with and for employees to create a clear set of principles that draw the line between appropriate and inappropriate data management practices. 

HR should follow seven principles to take the lead on data ethics and establish employee trust in the company’s ethical use of their data:

  1. Understand your company's data ethics comfort zone.
  2. Articulate a data ethics code that's grounded in your organizational culture.
  3. Identify and learn from key partners.
  4. Mandate clarity of purpose and intent for any project that uses employee data.
  5. Communicate the “what” and “why” to employees.
  6. Give employees more control over their data.
  7. Solicit employee feedback and continually audit your data policies.