Accelerating Digital Business Initiatives for a Better Customer Experience

City Furniture, Inc.

City Furniture sought to modernize its retail technology for a better customer experience. Gartner provided expert insights to help the client to migrate from legacy green screen technology to digital edge applications that led them achieve a competitive advantage. City Furniture's digital edge strategy led to shorter transaction times and increased customer turnover rates.

Mission-critical priority

City Furniture wanted to accelerate digital initiatves to achieve competitive advantage and enhance customer experience by empowering sales associates with leading edge applications.

How Gartner helped

Gartner provided the insights and tools to help City Furniture define a comprehensive digital strategy and execution. This involved meeting with Gartner experts regularly to vet their plans and get direction they could be agile.

As City began their journey of developing and launching user-friendly digital edge applications, Gartner advised them along the way by shifting the focus to APIs and web services. This empowered the sales associates, reduced disengagement from the customers and enhanced the overall customer in-showroom shopping experience.

Business impact

City Furniture successfully modernized their business with a comprehensive strategy that:

  • Resulted in immediate ROI within 6 Months
  • Led to shorter transaction times by reducing customer disengagement and having remote payment systems
  • Implemented a robust org structure and operating model in IT department
  • Helped in building a 5-year tech roadmap for a better future planning
  • Improved overall sales efficiency with a better customer experience


$543 Million



Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Until partnering with Gartner, we really didnt have the vision, the guidance that got us to the point that we are today. The rewards that we achieved on the technology side, we have branched it to the entire organization. We can't thank Gartner enough for everything that they have done for us.

Steve Wilder

CFO, City Furniture

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