Drawing a Roadmap for Digital Transformation

Pacific Textiles

As Pacific Textiles transitioned from a small business managed by founders to professional management, it needed to adopt a data-driven, decision-making culture to scale and remain competitive. Gartner provided the knowledge base, digital security framework and execution guidance to address the company’s mission-critical priorities while saving top management time and energy.

Mission-critical priority

The company had three main objectives: transform management through digitalization; optimize business processes in order to improve product quality and process efficiency; and ensure IT compliance to minimize cybersecurity risk.

How Gartner helped

With access to Gartner experts, research and tools, Pacific Textiles was able to digitalize information through an ERP system, automate manufacturing processes with new technology and craft a ready-to-execute cybersecurity roadmap. Gartner also assisted with building business cases and reaching executive consensus by providing peer best practices, case studies, contextualized guidance and on-site conference learning.

Business impact

Gartner helped Pacific Textiles take a holistic approach to governance and risk management procedures. As a result, the CIO at Pacific Textiles and his team are positioned to become active partners to other business teams and understand and help optimize their businesses. With a strong digital foundation and accompanying culture shift, Pacific Textiles is delivering higher-quality products with shorter turnaround times.


Approx. $785 Million


Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Based on Gartner advice, I’m able to have a report to show our board of directors, with a roadmap on how we will address all these security issues. Gartner helped us properly address IT governance and saved us a lot of energy in doing it.

Hubert Tsang

CIO, Pacific Textiles

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