Expanding Education Through Digital Migration​

Weber State University

An accredited public university founded more than 120 years ago, Weber State began its cloud migration journey campuswide with its faculty and students. Its mission: Digitize the campus experience and increase satisfaction scores. To do so efficiently, utilizing the university’s relief budget was necessary to integrate to the cloud, modernize systems and limit security risks during the process. Throughout the transition, the university strives to embrace new teaching models and initiate new behaviors for faculty and students to continue educational excellence at the highest level in 2021.

Mission-critical priority

The client needed to prioritize spending federal funding while also identifying long-term cost savings in order to fully implement its technology roadmap, realize its digital initiatives and improve satisfaction scores. The initiatives encompassed security and optimizing Oracle-managed services while maintaining the budget.

How Gartner helped

After an initial tech stack review, Gartner experts guided an engagement strategy with the IT leaders to provide technology insight, toolkits and strategic support utilizing the Gartner Executive Programs subscription. Through multiple consultations, Gartner developed a cloud migration roadmap that is cost-effective, security-focused and timely.

Business impact

With Gartner collaboration: 

  • Contracts were reviewed to find long-term cost savings by prioritizing security first in the roadmap and avoid a hasty cloud migration.

  • 16 expert calls discussed initiatives:

    • These calls shortened execution time from making the advised pivot and communication to stakeholders utilizing Gartner proprietary tools and data.

  • Monthly call with client stakeholders reviewed progress and thought leadership.

  • Campus access integration was offered to faculty and active students for the latest Gartner IT research and insights, which improved UX while continuing the overall digitalization journey.

Higher Education

Approximately $225 million


VP of IT

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for CIO and IT Leaders

I relied on Gartner ... in my research on technology asset management as a professor. Gartner coined the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ phrase, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Matthew Mouritsen

Dean of the Goddard School of Business and Economics, Weber State University

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