Master Today’s Technology Trends

Use disruptive technology for competitive advantage in this digital age

Technology is changing at an ever-increasing pace

Technology trends have the potential to drive significant disruption and deliver significant opportunity. Digital trends such as autonomous things, blockchain, digital twins and smart spaces are rapidly approaching maturity. This continuous technology innovation will enable the alignment of the physical and digital worlds and create competitive advantage for some. Are you ready?

Through 2022, the latest technology trends will reach a level of maturity that crosses a critical tipping point.
I see new business opportunities and using technologies in innovative ways. The Gartner team and the research will help us on our journey of understanding the impact these new technologies will have on us and our business.

Dan Chesterman

CIO, ASX Limited

Recognize tech trends for competitive advantage

By evaluating the top digital trends to identify opportunities, reduce risk and create competitive advantage, CIOs and enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders can potentially flip the traditional engagement model between IT and the business, influencing business strategy at the outset.

Insights You Can Use

The Gartner top 10 strategic technology trends for 2020 highlights changing or not yet widely recognized trends that will impact and transform industries through 2025. Gartner insights, advice and tools help IT leaders navigate the future, delivering increasingly intuitive digital services everywhere through smart devices.

Get ready for what’s next

Blockchain. Distributed cloud. Hyperautomation. Gartner helps you prepare for the new trends in technology and the convergence of the digital and physical worlds.

Lead through digital disruption

Disruption is everywhere. Disruptors can be any enterprise, from a new startup to a tech giant with a household name. Gartner prepares senior IT leaders to identify and compete with or join these organizations, before they’re left behind.

Use Gartner’s predictions as planning assumptions

Use Gartner’s predictions to evaluate the near-term flags that indicate whether a prediction is trending toward becoming a reality.

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What I like about Symposium is that it takes me out of the daily routine and gets me immersed in what is happening now, and what is coming in technology and business around the world. We get so used to running our own businesses and dealing with challenges, that we forget to look outside and prepare for what is coming.

CIO, Retail/Mall Developer


How do you prepare for the impact of new technologies?

Dan Chesterman, CIO at ASX Limited, shares how Gartner helped his team on their journey of understanding the impact new technologies will have on their business.

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