Blockchain Is Transforming Business — What’s Your Strategy?

Learn how to cut through the hype and focus on the core value proposition that blockchain may unlock, for good and bad, and what it takes to succeed.  

Published by Harvard Business Review Press

About the book

Forward-thinking organizations such as the Australian Stock Exchange, Equinor, the City of Austin, TX, and dozens of others are exploring how blockchain can transform the way they create and seek value. Whether to streamline multiparty processes, create and trade new assets, or leverage artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, blockchain enables entirely new business opportunities.

This is just the start. As blockchain is more widely adopted, it has the potential to radically reinvent the way companies and societies operate, as radical a paradigm shift as happened with the launch of the internet.

The Real Business of Blockchain is one of the first books on this transformative technology written for business leaders to help:

  • Assess how blockchain will impact your business by cutting through the hype and finding the real story
  • Explore the value proposition that blockchain technologies offer
  • Make smart near- and midterm investments in your blockchain strategy
  • Position you and your organization in a new competitive landscape in the future

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    About the authors

    David Furlonger is a Distinguished VP Analyst, working primarily with CEOs, senior business leaders and CIOs. His research focus is as a futurist, analyzing how long-term business and technology trends strategically impact industries, governments and organizations.

    He is an accomplished and frequent keynote speaker with extensive international experience. In 2007 he established Gartner research on the Future of Money and blockchain and he co-leads the Gartner blockchain Center of Excellence. 

    You can follow David on LinkedIn at

    Christophe Uzureau is a VP Analyst at Gartner working out of Hong Kong. He covers how blockchain and tokenization enable new assets, products and services. He advises senior business leaders on their digital strategies, taking into account technology innovations as well as customers' behavior and bias. His research explores how technology (blockchain, big data and analytics, AI, digital platforms) represents an opportunity to generate competitive advantage by shaping traditional financial value chains. He is also responsible for covering the impact of digital financial transformation in APAC and how this influences worldwide innovation trends.

    You can follow Christophe on Linkedin at


    The Real Business of Blockchain

    Based on research from their new book, David Furlonger and Christophe Uzureau cut through the hype to present a clear-eyed view of blockchain and what your organization must do to take true advantage of it.

    What people are saying

    “I don't care who you are, you simply cannot grasp the full potential of blockchain without reading this book. The authors take you on an educational journey, from the painfully complex to the embarrassingly simple.”

    John Geyer
    CEO, MetLife Digital Ventures

    “The internet, the cloud, and big data have defined today's digital business environment. After reading this book, executives will not be able to ignore how blockchain will transform their enterprises and their industries. The authors' insights will better prepare business leaders for a new digital future.”

    Henry Chen
    Chairman and CEO, Chinasoft International

    “Blockchain has the potential to ignite major structural change across the asset management and asset servicing industry. This book, The Real Business of Blockchain, offers business leaders a pragmatic and insightful assessment as to how digital assets can be harnessed for enterprise and broader market benefits. It is essential reading for industry practitioners.”

    Pete Cherecwich
    President, Corporate & Institutional Services, Northern Trust Corporation

    “Blockchain is here, with the promise to transform supply chains along with customer expectations of safety, transparency, and cost. Beyond highlighting efficiency gains, the authors provide a clear road map for leaders to future-proof their businesses. Don't wait to take part.”

    Julia Anderson
    Global CIO, Smithfield Foods