Digital transformation in government can seem impossible, but how can you achieve it? 

Seventy-two percent of digital government programs accelerated in response to pandemic demands, but most are still optimizing existing services and programs. This delivers clear benefits, such as cost savings and increased transparency, but government CIOs tend to confuse this type of digital progress with maturity. 

The Gartner Roadmap for Transitioning to Digital Government shares major insights to the public sector leaders on how to avoid common pitfalls and lead smart, effective digital transformations to prepare for the future of government

This roadmap provides government CIOs, and public-sector IT leaders with actionable insight to:

  • Assess how technology trends impact their organizations’ strategy and ability to deliver on constituent expectations, operational needs and mission priorities 

  • Provide key stages on how to define, access, and create a digital government strategy 

  • Key resources to save time and ensure successful execution