Information Technology

Gartner Glossary

Event, Fault And Log Management

Event management (as well as log management and fault management) tools are used to collect, report and help with diagnosis of problems (faults) identified in the environment. This segment also includes IT operations and administration “policy” software, which creates and manages lists of users (in cooperation with security and human resource management system products) and lists of the environment’s elements, determines appropriate access policies to those elements on a per-user or “role” basis, and audits adherence to those policies.

In cooperation with separate security products, event management/fault management products can recognize and trigger a response to breaches in security. Event management tools also collect statistics about events and usage, and they can perform historical trend analysis. System administrators can view analyzed data in near real time and use it to respond to conditions displayed, and to guide the reassigning of resources using separate configuration management (CM) tools.

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