Information Technology

Gartner Glossary

Industrialized IT Services

The standardization of IT services through predesigned and preconfigured solutions that are highly automated and repeatable, scalable and reliable, and meet the needs of many organizations.
information access with search
Information access technologies interact with applications such as document management, Web content management and other repositories to provide users with insight into their content. Increasingly, information access technology is also expected to include results from enterprise applications, such as CRM and legacy systems. In addition, it looks outside enterprises to access Internet-based content. Information access technology is often acquired as an embedded aspect of other applications, and portal, ECM, business application and other vendors frequently include enterprise search as part of their products.
The first and most mature information access technology is search engine technology. It is typically applied to unstructured data in document repositories. It includes both enterprise and desktop search. Increasingly, automatic categorization, creative visualization, content analytics and taxonomy support technologies are being added to this category.

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