Information Technology

Gartner Glossary

Print Markets And Management Hardware

This segment includes copiers and printers.

• Copiers — Copiers perform image capture and transfer. This category includes analog (optical technology) and digital (digital scanning and printing technology) copiers.
• Printers — A printer is the peripheral output device of a computer system for producing computer-generated images on paper using various marking technologies. To be classified in this segment, the device needs to be capable of using plain or coated papers with a minimum size of International Organization for Standardization A4, U.S. size A (letter) or continuous forms with an 8-inch print width or greater, but it excludes products that support paper widths above A2 or U.S. size C (17 inches by 22 inches). The definition also excludes other classes of application-specific printers, such as point-of-sale printers, video printers and dedicated photo printers.

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