Internet of Things: Unlocking True Business Potential

Leverage IoT to innovate and differentiate

IoT is not just a technology initiative anymore

With increasing maturity in Internet of Things adoption, CIOs and IoT leaders must aim to align IoT strategy with business objectives. But the responsibility of the IoT initiatives should not remain limited to IT — business stakeholders must also take part in identifying the metrics that help assess the IoT project’s success.

61% of enterprises show a high level of IoT maturity.

Gartner research provides unbiased views, provides insights related to what customers are looking for as solutions in IoT and other technology areas... It’s easy for us to connect the dots and understand the overall landscape rather than spending time on other resources and getting information that is not reliable or valid.

Technology and Telecom

Define measurable goals

Implementing IoT solutions to achieve business outcomes is complex. IoT leaders must develop a clear understanding of the enterprise’s business objectives and the CEO’s strategic imperatives. Work closely with business stakeholders to ensure outcomes align with strategy.

63% of enterprises expect they will achieve financial payback in 3 years for their IoT projects.

Insights you can use

Gartner research provides crucial data on IoT strategy, trends and best practices with insights and tools to help you create an enterprise IoT strategy.

IoT evolution and how it impacts your business?

IoT solutions have moved beyond the hype to deliver real business benefits. Analyze the impact of maturing IoT solutions and how they can help you maintain business growth.

What is your IoT strategy?

Embark on the digitalization journey with a coherent Internet of Things (IoT) strategy. Navigate the challenges and complexities of IoT with this research.

Key IoT strategy predictions for 2020

Businesses planning to leverage the increasing maturity in IoT solutions should factor these key predictions from Gartner into their IoT strategy and implementation planning.

The Gartner Internet of Things Hype Cycle

IoT is evolving into a major contributor to digital business initiatives. Explore the latest Gartner Internet of Things Hype Cycle and the impact of IoT on your organization.

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The Internet of Things Gets Practical

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