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The public sector’s uptake of technology is notoriously sluggish: Government agencies often lag years behind their private-sector counterparts in adopting new digital ways of working. However, now that citizens around the world engage with technology in all aspects of their daily lives, governments are facing increased pressure to overhaul outdated systems and accelerate their own digital transformations.

The Public Sector Technology report, originally published by Raconteur in The Times, covers how the sector is preparing for the future. The 20-page report features articles by leading journalists and experts on critical topics for government leaders, including:

  • How government agencies can transform services through better use of technology
  • Gartner insight on how government CIOs can resist transformation hype and deliver successful incremental change
  • How online voting can increase voter turnout and defend democracy
  • An infographic that shows how artificial intelligence is transforming public services

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