It’s easy to confuse the essence of strategy with a more detailed strategic plan, especially when conditions are changing fast and the horizon for change is short. 

Strategy defines the long-term direction of an enterprise and what it will do to succeed, but strategic plans define how the organization will realize its long-term ambitions.

However, this year COVID-19 has severely disrupted most IT strategic plans, requiring CIOs and technology leaders to pause, rethink and recalibrate.

Use this checklist approach to frame the conversation and clarify necessary actions in three tangible steps, including: 

  • Determine whether you need to adjust your IT strategic plan
  • Identify when you can refresh or update the plan versus an overhaul
  • Assess when you might need to:
    • Reprioritize and address conflicts in the plan
    • Reset engagement and communication
    • Validate strategic plan metrics and triggers