Leading the Digital Society

Gartner EVP Mike Harris discusses digital transformation, business strategy and what CIOs are focused on now.

The responsibility and challenges of leading organizations in a digital society can be daunting. But, according to Mike Harris, EVP, Research & Advisory, Gartner, successful digital transformation can actually change the way people interact with an organization.  

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For example, when the local government of Naperville, IL, wanted to inspire more trust among its citizens, it launched the Open Data Initiative to expose the public to information from the city’s operations. To increase transparency, Naperville made all the salary data for each city employee publicly available. The government also shared crime data, specifically where and when crimes occurred, and citizen data scientists geomapped all the information. In turn, this highlighted areas of the city where police could be more proactive. That’s digital transformation in action.

In this Smarter With Gartner interview, Harris shares with Heather Levy, VP Content Marketing, Gartner, the importance of digital transformation and what’s on the minds of today’s CIOs. 

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