Security and risk management leaders utilize IT risk management products to manage and automate IT compliance, assess the organization’s cyber and IT risk posture and inform business decisions. This research evaluates 14 vendors’ ITRM product capabilities to support key customer use cases.

With this research, security and risk management leaders will be able to: 

  • Develop a roadmap for ITRM by assessing their program maturity, the use cases and complementary integrated risk management needs.

  • Consider the needs of other risk management functions and technology stakeholders.

  • Prepare to extend the scope of their ITRM beyond IT compliance.

  • Clarify how much customization is required by identifying what is out-of-the-box and what they must develop.

  • Refine vendor preference by considering product capabilities.

    Download this research to evaluate your IT risk posture in terms of your vendors and your products holistically.