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Carlton E. Sapp

Managing Vice President

Carlton Sapp is the Managing Vice President for the Data Management Analytics and Artificial Intelligence team at Gartner, providing guidance to the CIO/Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO) and their teams.

In addition to managing the data management analytics and artificial intelligence team, Dr. Sapp provides guidance to CDAOs and their teams on digital transformation, decision intelligence, generative artificial intelligence, modern data management strategies, and Internet of Things for machine intelligence.

Dr. Sapp provides data-driven insights and design strategies based on more than 25 years of executive and practitioner experience and research. He is known for using systems thinking approaches to solve complex technical and business challenges for global clients.

Previous experience

In previous practitioner roles, Dr. Sapp designed digital assets, agent-based systems, digital twins, data analytics architectures, advanced analytics architectures, data integration strategies, data mesh solutions, distributed compute systems, service-oriented architectures, event-based architectures and machine learning algorithms for machine intelligence.

Professional background

National Science Foundation

Information Systems

Department of Defense Contracts

Technology, Research



Areas of coverage

Analytics, BI and Data Science Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Chief Data and Analytics Officer Leadership

Build Trust and Mature D&A Culture

Adopt Modern Architectures and Technologies


Ph.D., Systems Engineering, George Washington University

M.S., Information Systems Technology, George Washington University

B.S., Business Management, North Carolina State University

Naval Academy-NAPS, Naval War College, Newport, RI

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to architect and build machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced analytic applications

2How to design and architect fast data architectures, event delivery architectures (event stream processing and complex-event processing)

3How to accelerate business intelligence and advanced analytic delivery pipelines

4How to improve data ingestion architectures on-premises and in the public cloud

5How to build IoT analytic solutions on edge computing environments