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Marko Sillanpaa

Sr Director Analyst

Marko Sillanpaa is a Research Director focused on the content/ document space. Mr. Sillanpaa has more than 20 years of experience in information technology focusing on content technology across platforms, applications, and components. This experience covered a broad range of CSP-related technologies such as information governance and automated and robotic authoring for vertically and line of business use cases.

By advising on technology selection and best practices, he helps organizations reduce operational costs and improve employee effectiveness while maintaining privacy, security and regulatory compliance as necessary. He has a deep understanding of the capabilities and challenges in implementing complex solutions and he applies this in his advice to clients, offering pragmatic guidance to complex tactical and strategic problems.

Marko is covers sci-fiction prototyping, or storytelling, using entertaining stories to communicate changes in technologist and share trends. He has authored and coordinated several stories while at Garner.

Marko also advises on serious game, the use of game for education and entertainment. He has developed several games, including a trend tracking and a strategy planning games.

Previous experience

Prior to Gartner, Mr. Sillanpaa has more than 20 years of experience in content technologies. He has worked for various vendors and consultancies, advising on product strategy, content strategy for various industries. He was also the co-founder and author of a blog which focused on CSP technologies for over ten years.

Professional background


Director of Product Strategy

Hyland Software

Strategic Enterprise Consultant

Areas of coverage

Digital Workplace Applications

Future of Work

Future of Work Reinvented Resource Center


B.S., Computer Systems, Florida Atlantic University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Selecting, developing and deploying content services platforms

2Selecting, developing and deploying information governance solutions

3Navigating the various line of business needs for document and content

4Using science fiction prototyping (storytelling) to educate and entertain.

5Using serious games to educate and entertain.