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Gartner was tasked with supporting Vodafone’s digital evolution through unique insights from the industry and helping to build strategic partnerships with system integrators through independent analysis and advisory to Vodafone.

Mission-critical priority

Gartner Consulting provides innovative ideas that apply to Vodafone’s challenges. Over seven years of existing relationship with Vodafone, Gartner has become a trusted advisor in helping to build Vodafone’s strategic planning and to map out the next steps for the evolution of the organization. 

How Gartner helped

Vodafone first worked with Gartner to build a program around providing value for money for the development work it was doing. It saved Vodafone a significant amount of money and improved the development quality and the strategic partnership with system integration partners thanks to the ability Gartner has in acting as a strong independent third party in Vodafone’s relationships with outside partners.

Business impact

By leveraging both Gartner Consulting and Gartner Research, Vodafone was able to:

  • Gain unique visibility in the industry 
  • Save the organization a significant amount of money
  • Improve the development quality and strategic partnership with its system integration partners
  • Replace its traditional benchmarking with the skills and expert understanding of software engineering 



US$49.7 billion        


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It’s Gartner’s ability to listen and understand our challenges, take that knowledge and adapt it to a set of proposals and engagements that add real value to us as an organization. I can honestly say over the seven years, I’ve gotten real value from every investment I’ve made.

Scott Petty

Chief Digital and Information Officer, Vodafone Group

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