Driving Value With Technology

Coronado needed to move away from a traditional business mindset with low technology maturity toward using technology as a business enabler. Coronado wanted to modernize a large number of systems and optimize the business, and encourage further innovation investments by enhancing technology’s credibility across the enterprise.

Mission-critical priority

Driving value by improving operating efficiencies and tonnage; incrementally increasing production over time; capturing higher margin export contracts; capitalizing on a strong market; and delivering returns to shareholders.


  • Traditional business with low technology maturity
  • Technology as a cost center, not a business enabler
  • Disconnect between geographically dispersed teams

How Gartner helped

Selecting the right ERP and system integrator vendors was critical. Over six months, Coronado leveraged nine Gartner experts to discuss ERP strategy, governance, market insight, cloud security, vendor proposals, contract negotiation and system integration partners:

  • Best-in-class ERP templates/toolkits
  • Statement of work and contract reviews leading to pricing comparisons, identification of hidden costs, improvement of business terms, avoiding risky clauses
  • Vendor negotiation strategy and relationship planning
  • Implementation and transition strategy

Business impact

Gartner experts served as an extension of Coronado’s lean technology team, bringing a new level of confidence to planning and vendor selection. The client saw $500K+ in savings over five years due to effective contract reviews and vendor negotiations. They also succeeded in elevating technology’s credibility to better support the broader business, leading to time savings for the VP of technology, accelerated project timelines and risk mitigation during decision making.

Energy & Utilities

Approx. $2.3 Billion

Approx. 1,700

Senior Finance and Business Systems Analyst

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Gartner supported us to save $500K+ over five years through effective contract reviews and vendor negotiations, including licenses.

Cheryl Willets

Senior Finance and Business Systems Analyst, Coronado

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