Empowering Business Using Self-Service Automation

A healthcare provider and medical center ranked as one of the best hospitals in the US. As more people were becoming fluent in basic analytics and reporting tools, the client was challenged to move to a more self-service environment to optimize resources.

Mission-critical priority

With data requests increasing, the CDO of this organization needed to optimize resources and move to a self-service model. They faced internal resistance from other senior executives which created the risk of leaving a fragmented data delivery system and pockets of uncoordinated analysis efforts across the ecosystem.


How Gartner helped

Working with a Gartner Leadership Partner (LP) the client was able to take a convincing business case to senior executives regarding the value of delivering data, reports and analytics using new operating and governance models. 

The client leveraged Gartner's Enterprise Information Management maturity assessment to help understand the gaps in their organization, leading to new roles and skills, including the appointment of “citizen” data scientists.


Business impact

With Gartner’s support,  the client was able to:

  • Develop a self-service environment that moved reporting out to business users, empowering individuals and freeing up valuable and more specialized resources to perform advanced analytics.

  • Better exploit their data resources to meet the goals of the health system, and has  transformed into a more data savvy and proactive organization.

  • Establish a CDO program and an Analytics Center of Excellence.


Over $2 Billion

Over 20,000

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