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PPM/PMO leaders must enable collaboration between humans and smart machines for agile portfolio management

PPM leaders must reinvent their approach to portfolio management

To support digital business, CIOs are decreasing their investment in on-premises infrastructure and increasing their investment in off-premises capabilities and new technologies. This requires portfolio management leaders to partner with business leaders and resource managers to balance investments across a diverse set of internal and external services in a much faster and more complex environment. 

Illustration showing a network between PMOs and EPMOs
The Gartner IT Score maturity assessment was pivotal in helping us identify opportunities and best practices for our three-year PMO roadmap.
IT Leader, Manufacturing Industry

How we address your top challenges

The digital future has arrived. To support digital business operating models, project management is shifting toward more adaptive approaches focused on continuous delivery, dynamic change, value-driven outcomes and increased risk tolerance.

Clear the confusion of continuous change

Project management offices must become effective change enablers in today’s environment. They must adapt rapidly to enable organizations to keep pace with the constant changes brought by customer expectations. Gartner has the solutions to enable planning and delivery excellence in an ever-changing environment.

Outsmart digital disruption

Early project management offices were designed to address vastly different challenges and outcomes than those posed by digital transformation. Gartner provides the insights and research to ensure that project portfolio management (PPM) leaders and PMOs can rise to the challenges of digitalization. 

Embrace agile product management

As agile continues to increase in popularity, use and scale in organizations, PPM leaders must shift their value proposition to enabling product constructs or risk irrelevance. 

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