Reducing Geographic Risk Caused by Brexit

The HR director of a global bank used Gartner TalentNeuron™ to find alternative scalable locations in Europe given the looming Brexit outcome. The client used data to understand the overall talent landscape for customer service representatives, including competitive concentration. The findings ultimately paved the way for hybrid and remote workforce models, resulting in both reduced risk and cost savings.

Mission-critical priority

Ensure business continuity by finding alternative scalable locations in Europe due to uncertainty caused by Brexit. 

How Gartner helped

TalentNeuron’s deep research capabilities around location selection shed light on demand pressure, university talent, English proficiency and more. The study evaluated the talent supply for the target profiles and locations as of 2Q2020, as well as the list of top university talent in various locations for all relevant majors combined. Cost parameters such as the cost of living index, real estate costs and base salary were other core market attributes analyzed. 

Business impact

By collaborating with the TalentNeuron team, the Director of HR: 

  • Reduced the risk of geopolitical uncertainty by shortlisting five other viable EU locations outside the U.K. as the next potential hub(s) for the global bank following Brexit
  • Commenced working with business leaders to consider hybrid and remote workforce models in alternative locations
  • Ensured competitive advantage by optimizing job descriptions for their customer service representative talent


$43 billion


Director of HR

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The data-driven approach enabled us to move away from anecdotal evidence and have rich and objective discussions with our business leaders. We were able to showcase how some of the ‘old favorites’ weren’t the most optimal locations to invest in, and also introduce a few new hubs for consideration based on market data.

Director of HR, Banking

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