Innovate Mission-Critical Systems for Better Collaboration


METAWATER offers optimum solutions for creating circulation of water resources while focusing on the plant engineering business, service solutions and public-private partnership projects. Alignment between these operations is essential. To strengthen cross-functional collaboration, the company needed to innovate its mission-critical systems and establish a companywide data infrastructure.

Mission-critical priority

  • The siloed systems and fragmented data across busines units (BUs) had impeded their collaboration. To address this issue, METAWATER made a decision to transform the mission-critical systems so that data would be handled in a consistent manner. The initial vendor quote for this transformation project was almost double the budget, so the entire project needed to be reviewed.
  • The company also needed to visualize and optimize IT spending because each BU had to shadow IT, which prevented the company from determining the total IT cost.
  • Since the IT department was not prominent, it was difficult to get recognition from within the company and the department was struggling to improve its status.

How Gartner helped

Gartner has provided METAWATER with the following insights and guidance to support its transformation.

Extensive guidance was provided via direct communication with Gartner experts and Gartner Executive Partners on implementing the mission-critical system transformation project:

  • Guidance from a broader perspective to support the project
  • Review of the ERP solution and DB configuration
  • Cost optimization essentials, including how to review vendor quotes

Toolkits and frameworks (e.g., IT Budget) from Gartner for IT spending visualization and optimization

Guidance on IT department benchmarking and HR training policy

Business impact

With Gartner support, METAWATER has achieved the following results since deciding on a system transformation to improve collaboration and streamline data infrastructure:

  • After reviewing the configuration and vendor quotes, the estimated cost of the system transformation was reduced to about 50% of the initial estimate, to fit into the budget. Now, the project has been relaunched under a new strategy.
  • Deploying the BI system to identify the total IT cost and enforcing budget control have enabled the organization to control and optimize IT investments. 
  • The IT department has earned well-deserved recognition from management by visualizing its efforts, such as benchmarking against competitors, creating HR development policies and reviewing the system transformation project. 

Electricity and gas

US$1.21 billion (consolidated, in FY ending March 2021)

3,340 (consolidated, as of March 31, 2021)

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Working with IT consultants usually makes us passive and wait for answers. With Gartner, however, guidance by experts has helped our IT team to act autonomously, resulting in the improvement of their skills. We also utilize and rely on insights from Gartner for decision making.

Takashi Ueno

General Manager, Information Technology Planning Department, METAWATER

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