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Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE)

Part of the 3GPP set of standards and based on GSM and shared media packet data, Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) uses a different and more efficient modulation scheme: the eight-phase shift key (8-PSK), rather than the Gaussian minimum shift keying (GMSK) modulation scheme used over the radio interface by GSM and GPRS. This enhanced modulation technique opens up more bandwidth per radio carrier or cell. EDGE supports peak data rates of up to 384 kbps per cell, assuming that all eight time slots are used and that one time slot is not reserved for signaling. As with GPRS, bandwidth is shared by all concurrent users operating in the same cell. EDGE requires higher radio signal quality than that found in an average GSM network before higher data throughput speeds can be reached. EDGE also provides enhanced GRPS capabilities for data using 8-PSK, and when fully integrated with adaptive multirate (AMR), EDGE 2 also provides superior voice capacity to the GSM network.

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