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HR Shared-service-center Tools

HR shared-service tools enable organizations to manage HR shared-service operations more effectively. This includes ticketing, policy and knowledge management, incident routing, SLA monitoring, and elements of manager and employee self-service portals. HR shared-service tools often manage sensitive employee data, such as disciplinary data or medical information. Typically, the solutions integrate with core HR management system (HRMS) solutions.The larger HRMS providers typically offer some HR shared-service tools. In the case of ERP vendors, these solutions are modifications of their CRM call center capabilities—for example, with the SAP Employee Interaction Center and new Shared Services Framework, as well as Oracle’s PeopleSoft HR HelpDesk. A small number of specialist vendors, such as Enwisen (now Lawson) and Neocase Software, focus on HR shared services, and successfully compete with the ERP-based offerings.

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