The cost of IT is not the value of IT. It's time to start communicating in clear, measurable terms non-technical managers can understand how IT improves business performance.

Nearly half of all capital spending by businesses worldwide goes to IT, yet many business leaders remain skeptical about whether their IT investments are paying off. Frustrated—even angry—with their IT departments, the only input they seek from their CIO is why IT costs so much.

The Real Business of IT: How CIOs Create and Communicate Value, by Richard Hunter and George Westerman, outlines a step-by-step path for transforming IT from cost generator to value creator.

Based on compelling research into the practices of leading CIOs in sectors from banking to software to telecommunications, the authors describe how CIOs can avoid the IT "value traps" that have blocked their effectiveness in the past—starting with Rule No. 1: It's not about IT, it's all about the business.

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The Four Stages of Conveying
"Real IT" Value

Gartner Fellow and VP Mark Raskino hosts authors George Westerman and Richard Hunter as they discuss the evolution and key principles of "The Real Business of IT".

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