Creation of Innovative New Drugs Using Digital Technology

In the pharmaceutical industry, a rise in the complexity of R&D has resulted in lower productivity and longer time scales for the development of new drugs, while the competition in the industry has intensified. Within this environment, Chugai Pharmaceutical has transformed its business, optimizing costs while also developing innovative new drugs.

Mission-critical priority

Chugai Pharmaceutical, which creates innovative medical products in its strategic alliance with Roche, in March 2020 unveiled its “Chugai Digital Vision 2030,” a plan based on the three pillars of strengthening its digital infrastructure, improving the efficiency of its value chain and creating innovative new drugs using digital technology.

In order to establish a world-class IT infrastructure in line with this strategy, the company has had to improve the efficiency of its IT platform from a forward-looking, companywide perspective by reviewing the disparate IT systems optimized for individual departments.

In addition, the IT department is playing an increasingly important role: The company must be able to assess how to use the latest technologies and solutions to advance digitalization, and must have strong project management ability.

How Gartner helped

Gartner has provided Chugai with the following insights and advice to support its digitization efforts:

  • The framework advocated by Gartner for the visualization and optimization of IT budgets
  • Advice given through inquiries with Gartner experts on investment/benefit metrics and operating procedures
  • Reports written by Gartner experts that can be referenced to objectively evaluate a system at the time of implementation, and confirm current positioning and future direction
  • Talks by Gartner experts for company executives
  • Opinion exchanges with other members of Gartner Executive Programs

Business impact

With the establishment of a digital strategy framework, departmental IT systems and shadow IT have been made more transparent, and Chugai has been shifting from an approach based on departmental optimization to companywide optimization.

In order to visualize and optimize costs related to IT investments, Chugai has been using the Gartner framework to categorize its companywide digital and IT expense as “transformative,” “growth” and “operating,” and has established and managed an investment plan.

Chugai has built a cloud-based data utilization system (CSI: Chugai Scientific Infrastructure) as part of its digital infrastructure, allowing it to reduce costs by 90% and cut time until production from about half a year to one week.


Approx 7 billion USD

Approx 7,000

Vice President & General Manager of Digital & IT Supervisory Division

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Gartner is highly skilled in research and analytics, and it provides neutral, objective and trustworthy information. Beyond its analysis of the current state of our business, its forward advice, research on industry trends, and comments on organizational theory also helped us form strategies and manage our organization. The opinion exchanges with other members of the Gartner Executive Program are also very meaningful.

Satoko Shisai

Vice President & General Manager of Digital & IT Supervisory Division, Chugai Pharmaceutical

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