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Charleston County School District

Charleston County School District is the second largest district in South Carolina, servicing 87 schools and specialized programs. IT compliance is pivotal for school districts to prioritize critical issues and maintain industry- leading cybersecurity to enable a cohesive community throughout the state. This requires IT leaders to be insightful and calculated as well as collaborative and confident in decision making to achieve success in their highest mission-critical initiatives. IT leaders’ speed to decision making is the key differentiating factor in ensuring resources are allocated within budget, tactically and in a timely way, to provide equitable and quality educational opportunities for all students.

Mission-critical priority

Compliance updates and adherence to IT requirements as determined by compliance officers from Washington D.C., to achieve full Department of Defense standards.  Once a high-level objective was identified and approved, creating a clear and concise RFP to non-IT stakeholders to exemplify the full value potential was a key step in achieving approval from the district’s board of directors.

How Gartner helped

Gartner provided Charleston IT leaders with insight to streamline the decision-making process and determine the optimal IT security framework from a varying list of options. With the process in place, this alleviated time for the IT leaders to discover long term cost savings initiatives. Charleston and Gartner experts were able to meet regarding existing IP addresses and their value to bring additional budget to the district exceeding a million dollars.

Impact on the agency

With Gartner support:

  • IT security frameworks were reviewed by Gartner experts, who quickly mapped integration plans for the Charleston School District, which helped them to be a leader in security documentation.

  • The Executive Director constructed a plan with actionable insight, top research and best practices for the team to manage the execution, allowing Charleston IT leaders to focus on upcoming large-scale projects.

  • After review from Gartner expert calls, the Executive Director was able to present an RFP to the board of directors regarding selling existing IP addresses. The result:

    • With swift insight from Gartner, the Executive Director was able to alleviate the time to decision and time to execution, and finalize the deal in three months for more than $1.5 million in unplanned net new revenue.

K-12 Education

$27 million


Executive Director of IT

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With Gartner. ...I don't have to go find people all over the world that are specialists. I have one umbrella; I talk to one person, and they act as my conduit.

Tom Nawrocki

Executive Director of IT, Charleston County School District

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