Improving Citizen Services with an Innovative Technology Roadmap

New Castle County (NCC) is the largest county in Delaware, serving 570k+ residents across the state. The New Castle County Office of Technology & Administration Services (TAS) provides technology and administrative services to support government operations, including sewer and parks network, public libraries, community housing initiatives, 24/7 information system support, and public safety. The county includes Delaware’s top center for police, paramedic, and fire services with the 2nd largest police force in Delaware. 

Mission-critical priority

During an administration transition in 2017, network failures identified performance issues that impacted capabilities for citizen services. This required a rebuild of the network infrastructure to improve the quality of their information systems and technology services. To set a foundation of continuous innovative technology, TAS began working with Gartner for:

  • IT strategic planning
  • Agile network infrastructure that supports innovation opportunities across the agency
  • Unbiased vendor procurement process
  • Best-in-class technology services for citizens

How Gartner helped

With Gartner research and analyst insight, TAS developed the IS Transformation Roadmap in 2017 for quarterly strategic planning. The roadmap has continued through 2023 for initiatives around infrastructure, cybersecurity, modernization, public safety, constituent experience, eGovernment services, and SaaS roadmap & legacy sunset.

  • Optimized vendor procurement process with Gartner insights and Magic Quadrant.
  • Shorten timeline for cloud migration using Gartner research documents and analysis that helped the team understand the value and possibilities.
  • Recurring Gartner analysts’ sessions on priority initiatives.
  • Gartner events provided visibility and communication with vendors outside the scope of TAS.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, TAS initiatied innovated practices over the years including:

  1. Rewire 38 physical locations with wireless infrastructure to support mobility and connectivity for county vehicles.
  2. Negotiate better contracts with vendors across various types of solutions.
  3. Shortened purchasing cycle from initiative to vendor selection.
  4. Deploy wireless infrastructure within 10 days during the height of the pandemic, allowing free public Wi-Fi access to citizens and children across 18 sites in New Castle County.
  5. Virtual Reality Simulator De-escalation & Applied Force Training for police officers. Capability for citizens to use VR and understand the situations officers are placed in.
  6. Implement hybrid storage solution to back-up County data in the cloud for disaster recovery initiative.

U.S. County Technology & Administration IS



Michael Hojnicki Chief of Technology & Administrative Services

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

Gartner research helps the team understand the art of the possible and help us shorten our time frame to get there

Michael Hojnicki

Chief of Technology & Administrative Services, New Castle County, DE

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