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Enterprise Unified Communications Infrastructure

Enterprise unified communications infrastructure encompasses server-based products and software that provide a central platform for communications for enterprises and other organizations. A key part of the UC proposition is the promise of a more consistent user experience across a wider range of communications channels and features. To achieve this, a critical task is to tightly integrate the server-based communications products and application functionality into a UC infrastructure. This domain is the key battlefield for infrastructure vendors with leadership aspirations in UC.
This domain emerges as a result of convergence in the established separate markets for telephony PBXs, e-mail and calendaring, voice mail, audioconferencing, Web conferencing and the more recent market for IM. It also encompasses some aspects of mobility applications, such as enterprise wireless e-mail software. In addition, we expect that new features and functions will emerge as important elements of an enterprise UC infrastructure portfolio. Examples include: rich presence server applications; multiparty videoconferencing functionality; and improved access to corporate communications features for mobile staff.

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