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Gartner Glossary

Network Outsourcing (Enterprise and Public Network)

Network outsourcing is a multiyear or annuity contract/relationship involving the purchase of ongoing network or telecom management services for managing, enhancing, maintaining and supporting premises or core network infrastructure or enterprise telecommunications assets (including fixed and wireless). In addition to network or telecommunications management, network outsourcing isolates those services specifically delivered in a longer-term contract in support of network infrastructures: consulting/advisory services, network AD and integration, network infrastructure deployment and support services.
Gartner segments network outsourcing into two categories: enterprise network outsourcing and public network outsourcing. Enterprise network outsourcing does not include discrete, project-based professional services or staff augmentation services. Also, enterprise network outsourcing does not include services related to the physical cable plant or other facilities-related services (such as power conditioning). For public network outsourcing, we include services related to the carrier network, business and operations support systems. Internal ITO is not considered, nor are services related to public network facilities and logistics planning (for example, DC power, land acquisition and tower placement). Similarly, discrete, project-based professional services or staff augmentation services (commonly referred to as engineer-furnish-install) are not included in public network outsourcing.

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