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Use agile practices to design digital apps and transform legacy application

App managers must stay ahead of fast-moving technology trends

Digital transformation requires application managers to support new business models and exploit new technology. Meanwhile, the existing portfolio remains an important foundation for application integration. It must be transformed into platforms that fit into the digital business technology platform architecture.

Application Development and Platforms - Digital business demand leads to application development which leads to digital product development
We’ve been able to identify key technologies that we need to understand and establish one-on-one expert sessions to gain a deep insight into those technologies.

Kevin Switala

VP & CTO, Gannett Fleming

How we address your top challenges

As product centricity moves deeper into organizations, the role of the application manager requires an evolution to meet the new delivery style. It’s critical to redefine what role the current application leader will play, where they will work, and how they must lead in the age of digital transformation.

Do more with less

Digital business needs agility that allows for rapid delivery of new services and business outcomes, all provided in a continuous and iterative fashion. Gartner can help identify specific challenges and provide targeted insights and best practices to overcome these challenges.

Compete with top performers

Application leaders must transform their development and platform strategies by expanding to power systems of differentiation and innovation. They will use these strategies to build and improve internal competencies to create and scale differentiated and innovative digital products that support digital business demand.

Stay ahead of the curve

The role of the enterprise application team is going through a fundamental redesign. Everything around the team and its portfolio is changing: technology, expectations, experience, ownership, funding models and governance. Let Gartner help you prepare for the changes ahead.

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Application leaders must transform their development and platform strategies to compete with top performers. Gartner can help you identify and adopt the right strategies to accelerate and scale your digital business ambitions.