10 Questions to Get Buyer Enablement Content Right

B2B buyer enablement hinges on prescriptive advice and practical support. Check if you’re providing the right information by asking 10 simple questions.

Think back to the last solution-based purchase you made, whether it was a new CRM platform or demand generation software. How would you describe the buying process? If it was anything like the buying process of the nearly 1,800 B2B buyers Gartner surveyed, it was likely very long, difficult and exhausting. As a sales rep, you can help reduce the stress on your buyers by making sure you’re providing them with the right information at the right time.

The content of the information you provide is critical but, to be effective for buyer enablement, it must be specific to the buyer’s needs

Gartner research shows that customers reward suppliers that make B2B buying easier. That is why buyer enablement is so effective in helping to win more B2B sales deals — it provides the prescriptive advice and practical support that enables customers to complete the critical buying jobs required to make their purchase.

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The content of the information you provide is critical but, to be effective for buyer enablement, it must be specific to the buyer’s needs, dependent on the buying job they are trying to complete and the way in which the information will support that job. For example, is it meant to help the buyer evaluate alternatives as part of the “solution exploration” job or prioritize possible trade-offs to complete the “supplier selection” job?

Good content also needs a form factor, so you need to know what type of function it serves as a tool. For example, will it be a calculator or a diagnostic?

Having determined the purpose of the content for the buyer, ask these 10 questions about the content to determine if it will be effective for buyer enablement. If you answer “no” to any of these questions (or cannot answer), you need to review your content to make sure it is geared toward helping buyers complete specific buying jobs.  

To win more deals, buyer enablement must help customers buy. Gartner provides 10 questions to ensure sales enables buyers to buy.

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Gartner for Sales Leaders clients can leverage the Buyer Enablement Audit and Buyer Enablement Toolkit to learn more about identifying and improving buyer enablement resources. Clients can also learn more about elevating the value of sales interactions: Winning Deals by Enabling Buyers.

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