Gartner Quarterly Update on Global Workforce Trends

Latest Global Talent Monitor shows employee engagement continues to decline. Discretionary effort and intent to stay are down, and active job seeking is up.

Employee engagement continues to decline, according to 3Q2018 data from Gartner’s Global Talent Monitor — a quarterly survey that captures how employees and job seekers around the world feel about the economy, their personal prospects and what motivates them, or doesn’t, when it comes to work.

Employee discretionary effort and intent to stay both remain weak. Intent to stay refers to employees’ desire to stay with their organization based on whether they intend to look for a new job within a year. Active job-seeking behavior also increased in 3Q. Just 7.5% of the global labor force reported both high discretionary effort and a high intent to stay at their current employer.

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“Employees also know there are more jobs available today than there are people to fill them, so they are more willing to make the jump and switch employers because jobs are in abundance,” says Brian Kropp, group vice president for human resources at Gartner. “For employees globally, their fears about changing jobs have eased following years of anxiety after the 2008 financial crisis.”

Employees’ perception of job opportunity and their confidence in the business environment both increased in 3Q.

Also in 3Q:

  • Globally, 29.3% of the workforce is actively seeking new jobs.
  • The top drivers of attrition for employees globally are career development opportunities, compensation and people management — the same top three for 13 straight quarters.
  • The top three drivers of attraction remain compensation, work-life balance and stability in the workplace.

Global Talent Monitor data is based on responses from more than 22,000 individuals in 40 countries, and offers insights into key metrics that can be used to understand labor market trends and inform recruitment and retention strategies.

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