Top 10 Smarter With Gartner Articles for 2019

From key technologies to the workplace in 2028, the top articles from 2019.

Smarter With Gartner covers nine different business areas: IT, Human Resources, Legal & Compliance, Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Marketing, Communications, and Customer Service & Support.

Although the topics can range from blockchain to customer service strategy to the number of people job hunting, there is a common theme for the top 10 picks. These Smarter With Gartner articles reveal a focus on technology trends, improving customer experience and learning more about how to do your job better across all roles and industries. 

Below are the top 10 Smarter With Gartner articles for 2019. 

No. 1 — 5 Trends Emerge on the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

This Hype Cycle looks at the technology trends that will have a significant impact on business, society and people over the next five to 10 years. The list includes 21 technologies, ranging from biotech to 5G to autonomous cars. This year’s emerging technologies fall into five major trends: Sensing and mobility, augmented human, postclassical compute and comms, digital ecosystems, and advanced AI and analytics. Read now. 

No. 2 — Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 

One of the most popular Smarter With Gartner articles year after year, this list looks at how 10 strategic technology trends will drive significant disruption in the next five to 10 years. This year’s article features a video and infographic and includes hyperautomation, distributed cloud, autonomous things, and transparency and traceability. Read now

No. 3 — Top Trends on the Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2019 

This Hype Cycle narrows down AI technology options to those that will have a transformational business impact in the next two to five years. AI technologies are abundant, but few have a fully understood value or purpose. Read now

No. 4 — The Power of the Challenger Sales Model 

With the amount of information available, customers have more preconceived ideas than ever before. In fact, Gartner research found that customers are more than halfway, 57%, through the purchase process before they have the first meaningful contact with a seller. Challenger reps tackle this by having a firm understanding of the customer’s business and, more importantly, by bringing new ideas to the table to disrupt the customer’s thinking and deliver new insights. Read now.

The Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2020

The 5 trends and 30 technologies on this year's Hype Cycle

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No. 5 — Gartner Predicts the Future of AI Technologies

Simple machine learning technologies, collaborative approaches to AI, serverless computing and automation drive AI in the near term. Despite a high probability of failure, CIOs are moving forward with AI tools and techniques. Read now.

No. 6 — Gartner Top 8 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2019

AI, advanced analytics, IoT and autonomous things all made the list of technology trends for supply chain leaders in 2019. Many trends are a result of an increase in digitalization leading to potentially disruptive innovation and trends. Read now.

No. 7 — 6 Ways the Workplace Will Change in the Next 10 Years

By 2028, the way we work will bear little resemblance to work as it stands today. Chief human resource officers (and other business leaders) need to be ready. Teams will form and operate differently, there will be a rise in upskilling, an increase in digital dexterity across the company, and more. Read now

No. 8 — Gartner Top 7 Security and Risk Trends for 2019

The top security trends will have broad industry impact and significant potential for disruption. Organizations are increasingly interested in creating pragmatic risk statements tied to business outcomes and implementing security operations centers and passwordless authentication in response to changes in the security and risk ecosystems. Read now

No. 9 — The CIO’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

What are potential use cases for AI? How mature is the technology? What major obstacles will organizations face during implementation? The number of AI technologies and the amount of hype surrounding the technology creates confusion for CIOs looking to invest. Organizations need to make smart investments and investigate how AI can be used in critical interactions. Read now

No. 10 — 5 Characteristics of the Best Shared Services Centers 

Shared services organizations (SSOs) need to think long term, think globally, focus on consistent expansion and use global process owners to standardize processes. The best SSOs share five key characteristics. Read now.

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