Expanding Go-to-Market and Positioning for International Growth

Arcstone, a Singapore-based global provider of digital manufacturing solutions, enables manufacturers with digital management production tools and visibility from the shop floor to the supply chain. The company’s suite of products range from a free entry-level solution to robust paid solutions that support users at every level of experience and size. By digitally monitoring, maintaining and controlling manufacturing equipment and processes, manufacturers can better unlock the value of data and optimize their facilities in real time. Gartner experts provided insight and toolkits to help positioning in new markets and support to develop a global expansion strategy.

Mission-critical priority

Arcstone needed to develop go-to-market and positioning for new markets with:

  • Messaging and positioning — including key terms that end users are searching for and language that resonates most with buyers
  • Grasp of competitive landscape in the U.S. and EU markets
  • Differentiation of messaging to clarify unique value and stand out against competitors
  • Refining and cementing the market positioning
  • Boost brand awareness to generate more demand from the market
  • A product roadmap, aligned to each market
  • Discovery of low-hanging fruit/opportunities and growing the customer base for its supply chain management tool, arc.net

How Gartner helped

Gartner experts provided insight and toolkits to help the positioning for new markets, including:

  • Product validation and understanding product market fit through calls with key global supply chain technology experts
  • Support to build an effective solution strategy aligned to the competitive landscape and market opportunities
  • New product launch positioning
  • Roadmap to digitalize with arc.net
  • Better understanding of data collection and management
  • Research lab positioning and launch
  • Global expansion strategy into and differentiation in the U.S. and EU markets
  • Ongoing validation on product features and positioning to raise awareness and creating more visibility

Business impact

With Gartner support, Arcstone completed:

  • Expansion strategy into the U.S. and EU markets
  • Positioning of the research lab launched in June 2021
  • Clarification of digital offering and better understanding of the Supplier Missions Data Collection and Transport Management
  • Detailed introduction of solution offerings
  • Understanding of key metrics from a manufacturing standpoint and the current landscape for detailed data collection research
  • Learning about digital toolsets that are in use compared to Arcstone’s offerings
  • Understanding more about what a control tower should entail and how to expand the arc.net offering
  • Understanding gaps in Arcstone’s offerings
  • Improving brand positioning for current players in market

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CEO, Arcstone

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