Top CIO actions in Response to COVID-19

Top CIO actions in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

CIOs need to increase resilience against future disruptions, and prepare for rebound and growth. Gartner insights and research aim to help CIOs to not only respond to the emergency outbreak of COVID-19, but also demonstrate leadership to increase business resilience, and prepare for rebound and future growth.


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IT resources to help you manage through uncertainty

CIO Agenda 2020: Resilience During Disruption

What allows fit organizations to thrive? Learn 10 key capabilities in three areas that distinguish fit organizations from fragile counterparts.

The CIO’s Executive Communication Guide

Effective communications are needed now more than ever for IT leaders. Learn how to speak in language that resonates with the CEO, board and other executives.

10 Rules for Rapid IT Spend Reduction

Rapid or immediate savings require a very good understanding of the IT line items in both the profit and loss statement, which is not always something that most CIOs have. Gartner can help IT leaders rapidly cut their costs as part of their cost optimization by addressing the 10 rules of rapid spend reduction.

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