How to Leverage the Top 5 CX Trends in 2020

Technology is a critical component of customer experience initiatives. Disruptive by nature, the competitive advantage emerging technologies provide is not yet well known or proven in the market.

A Gartner survey identified the top emerging technologies that will have the biggest impact on your customer experience projects.

CX leaders supporting such initiatives can use this research to inform their strategic plans to leverage:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Virtual Customer Assistants and Chatbots
  3. Omnichannel Customer Engagement
  4. Real-Time Event-Driven Application Architecture
  5. Internet of Things

Download our complimentary research detailing this emerging CX tech in 2020 and receive strategic recommendations for how to adopt, implement and exploit this technology to drive ROI in your 2020 CX initiatives.

Gartner recommends:

  • Articial Intelligence: Determine your desired CX outcomes. Identify the moments of truth or pain points in your customer’s journey that can’t be solved with traditional technologies.
  • Virtual Customer Assistants: Focus on simple, repetitive, factual interactions where customer needs are well understood, and data and rules are not complex.
  • Internet of Things: Understand how internet connected devices can influence the decision-making process, and potential adjustments to customer engagement to ensure the device can help you deliver a good customer experience. 

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